why you’re going to love it

why you’re going to love it

why you’re going to love it 899 901 Stashio

Here are some reasons why Stashio is SOO not your ordinary purse organizer:

  1. Stashio lets you divide your items into simple categories (like keys; makeup; phone accessories; glasses; etc), so in essence they are “filed”, not just randomly stowed.  
  2. Each category is quickly recognizable at a glance, enabling you to “file” things easily into the right compartment and locate them again in a snap.
  3. Stashio compartments are also color coded to help you even further with locating your categories.
  4. Stashio means no fussy squeezing of individual items into separate elasticized pockets – just drop in, and grab right out  . . . with ease!
  5. Stashio is modular in design, so you can mix and match compartments to fit almost any bag.
  6. Stashio goes together in a snap – literally. A magnet system keeps everything all in place.
  7. Compartments can be added and removed all together or separately – this is very handy, you’ll see.
  8. Stashio is transportable – the whole set and each compartment separately, too – soo convenient.
  9. Stashio can be used anywhere – for example diaper bags, camera bags, car consoles and even a dresser top or on your bathroom vanity – it’s an EVERYWHERE organizer!

And last but certainly not least…

  1. Stashio will make you smile!