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how to stashio

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Let’s get our bags organized today and have fun doing it!

Ok, I’m the kind of person who has to carry everything with me everywhere I go. I mean, you never know when you might need needle-nose pliers, right? Here’s a list of what’s in my purse right now:  wallet, iPhone, lipstick, powder compact, roll-on perfume, concealer stick, small hairbrush, ballpoint pen, drafting pen, mechanical pencil, highlighter, X-Acto knife, black Sharpie, scissors, bottle of assorted pills, ventolin inhaler, eyedrops, mints, toothbrush and toothpaste, iPhone cable and plug, headphones, two USB drives, phone back-up battery, sunglasses, distance glasses, house keys, car keys, office keys, storage keys and a variety of small diaries, papers and receipts (no wonder it weighs a ton)!

Are you ready to start organizing it with me? Let’s work on mine and then you follow my lead. That is if you have your new Stashio set ready to go!

Keys, keys, keys – so important, but they always seem to find their way to the bottom of the bag just when you’re in a real hurry to get that door open! I’m just going to toss them all into this green compartment where I can grab them and have them ready in my hand in a flash. Green means go . . . and, with Stashio, some peace of mind.

Well, I never leave the house without wearing lipstick. Which isn’t a problem – I have lots of tubes at home handy on top of my dresser. But sometimes when you’re out, lipstick isn’t just an option, it’s an EMERGENCY!  Keep your favorite color in the pink compartment and you’ll be able to grab it just when you need it. And the rest of the cosmetics fit right in too – you’re in the pink!

Wise to always keep meds handy – a chance encounter with an adorable cat could mean it’s inhaler time! Sometimes I’ll toss in eye drops or aspirin or more depending on the weather (and what side of the bed I woke up on). The blue compartment is where these go. Blue Cross is my mnemonic. I’m also going to stick my toothbrush and mints in this compartment.

Sunglasses – an absolute necessity to protect the eyes. And of course they can even provide a bit of sometimes-needed disguise! Drop them in a Stashio compartment – even without a case – and they’re still safe from the other contents of your bag. And that means you can have them out and on in an instant. For the compartment color I chose red, which I don’t want my eyes to be – and I’m adding in my distance glasses too.

You never know when inspiration might strike! And I can’t afford to lose my train of thought just because I couldn’t find the pen that could have even be capless and leaking ink at the bottom of my bag. It’s a bright idea to stick your art tools in the bright yellow compartment – they’re all safe, upright, visible and ready for the choosing. 

PURPLE - Electronics.png

Where would we be without our electronics?? But they don’t travel light. I drop in my plug, cord, backup battery, headphones, USB drives and, oh yes, my iPhone!! Purple? Well, I’d turn purple if I didn’t have all this stuff with me!

Don’t even need to explain this one, do I? May your wallet be fat!

You know all of those receipts and scraps of paper that float around and around in your bag while slowly being ground to debris? Well, now they’ll have their own home – and are still there in existence when you need them! I’ve put all my flat items in and it’s totally amazing how little space they take up when they’re organized!

Now everything’s in and tadaaa . . . we’re done! 

Smile! All is sorted, stashed and ready to go . . .  and not to mention super easy to find in a hurry!