Stashio was created by me, Lesli, a mechanical engineer and a Jayhawk from Kansas. Years of rummaging around endlessly in my bag for keys or lipstick had me totally frustrated, and I couldn’t help but notice that it wasn’t just me. In fact, how much time were all of us collectively wasting time doing just this?! With that scary question in mind, I decided to take the bull by the horns, and I committed myself to using my creative problem solving skills to come up with a solution for this handbag black hole once and for all!

Experience with organizers on the market told me they just didn’t cut it. For the most part, they were tedious and actually time-consuming to use… and ironically only succeeded in creating new self-contained black holes of their own. Approaching the problem analytically, and using what might be termed the organizational equivalent of Newton’s laws of physics (categorization, modularity, verticality and color coding) I came up with a miraculously practical and portable solution which is intuitively simple and super fun to use. I decided to call it Stashio. And I couldn’t wait to tell the world all about it!

After I had the design worked out and knew that Stashio was going to be a game changer as far as functionality goes, I worked to make it beautiful as well. Choosing soft high thread count 100% cotton, I worked with a graphic artist to create a set of various bright prints that would color code themselves, and for those at the more subdued end of the spectrum I chose rich contrasting warp/weft handwoven cotton. The magnetic system was further perfected to allow the compartments to mix, match, add and subtract – and in a super fun way (who doesn’t love magnets?!). Along with the basic hand-sized compartment, I added a fat compartment for wallets and larger things, and a flat compartment for papers and other flat things that always end up damaged in an unorganized bag.

I tried to think of everything. And I think you are going to love it!