frequently asked questions

what material has been used to make the product?

Stashio has a 100% cotton surface – long wearing and soft and smooth on your hands. A hand-embossed natural leather logo tag is on each compartment piece.

is the product washable?

Yes, Stashio may be surface cleaned with soap and water, or even gently hand washed and air dried.

how frequently do you update the designs?

We have a few designs available now but plan to introduce new fabrics and prints twice a year or so.

can i use different sizes together?

You must use all the same height compartments together for best results – either 5″ or 7″ depending on the height of your bag.

how do i know which size would be right for my bag?

Tote Sets may be used in all ordinary tote bags – 5″ height for smaller ones and 7″ for larger – you can measure your bag height to check. Hobo sets fit narrower profile bags – just measure your bag to see which height will work and then don’t forget that you can use some or all of the pieces of the set!For further clarity you can also go through the Guide section on our website or the highlights section on our Instagram.

is this product made by hand?

Yes, Stashio is completely made by hand in our small workshop.

do you offer any other products besides purse organizers?

We will constantly be expanding our range in the future – but do note that Stashio has many uses, not limited to just inside your handbag!

can i use this product elsewhere?

Yes, you can use Stashio just about anywhere. Some ideas are diaper bags, camera bags, bathroom counter, desktop, car console, etc. It’s completely up to your own ingenuity!

how can i get stains out of the product?

You can remove stains as you would normally from fabric. Soap and water for most. Or rubbing alcohol for ink, for example.

how frequently should i replace the product?

It depends on how much wear it gets. Stashio should last a long, long time and you might just want to replace it when a new design is introduced!

do you offer any value added services?

We’d be happy to consult with you if you need help choosing a set size. Also, we’d love to talk to you about volume orders using your own fabric design! Reach out via the website Contact form email us at or DM us on social media.

can i mix and match to create my own sets?

Yes, you can mix and match all Stashio components as long as they are the same height (either 5″ or 7″).

can i order extra pieces separately along with my set?

We currently have ADD-ON Fat Compartments, and 3X Flat Compartments available in the Flagship Logo Print in black/white.

is it possible to get one fat compartment? it perfectly fits my knitting project but then i don’t have it available for my wallet.

Due to demand, we now offer individual Fat compartments in our Amazon store!

how do they stick together?

The compartments have an internal magnet grid that enables them to stick together effortlessly.

can the 5″ and 7″ pieces stick together?

The 5″ and 7″ pieces are not really meant to be used together and would probably not be convenient although they would stick.

is the magnet too strong for the phone?

No, the magnets do not have any adverse effect on phones. We have tested the product for two years with phones carried inside the stashio set and there have been no reports of any phone issues.

is there any way to select fabric colors for the larger side bags or are they selected at random?

The selection process for the Fat compartment and the Flat compartment included in the set is random. Please contact us directly for any special requests.

is this machine washable? will the magnets wear off in the wash?

Stashio may be machine washed on Gentle, and air dried with all components separated.

would these work for a fjallraven 16l kanken? which height would be best?

The standard Kanken backpack will accommodate three of the Stashio Single compartments across its width easily, and possibly four depending on your other contents. (Their larger models easily accommodate all four) We would recommend the 7″ height Hobo Set, of which you can use three Singles or all four. The Hobo Set also comes with a 4X Flat Compartment which is about 12″ wide – this may or may not fit as well, depending on your contents. A new ADD-On 3X Flat Compartment will be available very soon, which could be purchased separately and added on.

for a deep and unstructured tote, how can these be attached at the top opening? do they need to rest on the bottom of the bag?

The units do rest at the bottom of the bag. Note that all of the sets come in 5″ height and 7″ height, so using the 7″ will be helpful for you since your bag is deep. For a completely unstructured bag we recommend our new Rafts! They serve as an attachable hard base which lets you use Stashio in even the flimsiest of bags. Great for everything from a Longchamp Le Pliage to a printed Urban Outfitters cloth tote.

can i place an order via social media?

For orders within the US, Canada and Mexico, Amazon will be the easiest ( For other countries please email us at or DM us on Facebook or Instagram and we will help you order!

is this product available anywhere besides amazon?

Stashio is currently available for online ordering only on Amazon, or by contacting us directly.

do you have a physical store?

No, currently we do not have a physical store.

why was my order cancelled?

No Stashio order should be cancelled! Please contact us right away at if you have this experience.

how do i contact you if i do not receive my order?

For Amazon ordering issues, contacting Amazon directly will be most efficient. But feel free to contact us directly at with any problem and we will do our best to help!

what is your return policy?

For Amazon orders, Amazon return policies are in place. For direct orders, you may return at any time for any reason.

why was my order cancelled?

No Stashio order should be cancelled! Please contact us right away at if you have this experience.

how do i cancel my order?

For Amazon orders, please follow Amazon’s order cancellation process. For direct orders you may simply email us.

i cancelled my order but i was still charged, what should I do?

For Amazon orders, this is unlikely to happen, but it will have to be taken up directly with Amazon. For direct orders, email us and we will fix it ASAP.

what are your shipping destinations?

We can ship anywhere!

how soon will i receive a refund on my return?

Amazon processes refunds very quickly. We too will refund immediately.

can i modify or restock my order?

For Amazon orders, Amazon rules will apply. For direct orders, we will surely accommodate you.

the product that i want is out of stock, what do i do?

If you want a product that is not showing on the Amazon store, please contact us directly at and we will see if we can help.

how frequently do you restock your store?

As frequently as we can produce! Stashio is made by hand and that takes time.

can i customize my order?

Individual orders cannot be customized, but do note there are ADD-ON pieces available which allow you to add compartments onto your set. These include Fats and Flats. Also, if you would like a particular configuration, you may reach us via the website Contact form, email us directly at, or DM us on social media

what are the minimum number of pieces i need to place a customized order?

Stashio will create sets in your own print at a minimum quantity of the equivalent of approximately 100 Tote sets. We will provide a quotation depending upon your requirements.

do/can i provide the print myself?

You may provide the print yourself, or work with Stashio designers to develop your own print. Design development services would be quoted separately.

what material will this be printed on?

As with all Stashio products, the material is made out of soft 100% cotton.

how do i share the print with you?

You may share your print design as any of the common design file types like JPG, PNG, TIF or AI and it must be tile-able and have a minimum resolution of 150 dpi.

how long will the complete process take?

It depends on a number of factors, including time of the year, but a minimum of 90 days would be required.

can i customize an order for my company?

Yes, absolutely.

do you customize orders for party favors and giveaways?

We would be happy to discuss any idea for customization that you might have. Feel free to use the website Contact form, email us directly at, or DM us on social media.

can you design the print for me?

We can work with you to design your print. Design development services will be quoted separately depending on the scale of the project.

do you offer any discount codes or e-cards/gift cards?

We will periodically be offering discount codes to our followers and prior customers. At this time we haven’t made any arrangements for gift cards.

how can i gift stashio to my friend?

Aside from directly ordering on Amazon, you could make arrangements with us via the website Contact form, email at, or DM us on social media.

how can i contribute to your blog?

Oh we’d just love that! Please contact us via the website Contact form, email us at, or DM us on social media.

Would these work for medium cross body purses? Most purse organizers are too big.

The 5″ Hobo Set will work for your bag, either As-Is with the four Singles and one 4XFlat included, or if that is too big, you could remove one Single and just use three – and remove the 4XFlat and either just use without it, or order an Add-On 3XFlat and use that. Might sound complicated, but very easy once you see the set.  Stashio is modular and you can add and subtract components as required.  Hope this helps!