clutter-free zen

clutter-free zen

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Clutter-free Zen

For most, living clutter free is one of those dreams that are always just out of reach. It’s a lifestyle that we want to adopt but just can’t keep up. As things start to pile up one over the other, you start feeling overwhelmed, suffocated and tired at the mere thought of dealing with it. Soon, the task is pushed away for another day, every day.

Health and wellness affect us in different ways, and specialists such as Diesel believe that clutter is an outward manifestation of our body and mind. Therefore, it is essential to clear the clutter in our space and mind even when we are motivated to do otherwise. Especially in these times of Covid, we need to declutter to enhance and preserve our immune system!

So, here we’ve listed a few simple ways to declutter your space: 

1) Take Baby Steps: Organizing can be empowering but overwhelming especially when you suffer from anxiety or depression, which many of us do right now. Remember to take it easy. Break the task down, compartmentalize and do as much as you can handle in a day. Instead of tackling an entire room in a day, maybe start with a drawer or a cupboard first. This will remove the burden of a complicated task and make it more manageable, thus, keeping you motivated. 

2) Visualize the End Result: Do your research and find an organization style that suits you. Think of how you want your space to look at the very end and the purpose it will serve. Keep those in mind and don’t lose sight of the goal. 

3) Remove Distractions: Clear your work space of any distraction such as loud noises, unnecessary clutter, overwhelming to-do lists and things that can distract you from the task at hand. Make your space as soothing as possible, maybe, play some music that will calm you down or energize you as you declutter. (We love 70’s classics on Pandora). 

4) Dump it all out: Dump all the contents out so that you can see exactly what you need to keep and what needs to go! You may not realize it but most of the stuff you have piled up probably doesn’t need to be there. Throw out anything that is too old, expired, does not fit, you have no longer used it in the past 6 months or no longer makes you happy. Once you do, you’ll notice how much space just opens up and it gets easier to sort and put things away. 

5) Save the trips down memory lane for later: I can’t stress enough how important this is. It is so easy to suddenly ‘discover’ old things and dive into nostalgia and before you know it, the day is gone and you’ve gotten nothing done. If you really want to reminisce, create a separate pile for things you want to go through and set aside a later time to do it, preferably once everything else is done.

Try out these simple steps to organize your space (and mind) and let us know how they worked out for you! And if you have a few of your own, do email us at and let us know.